About us

We are a bunch of nerds, crazy ones. We love iOS and passionate about building apps in Swift. We are inspired and motivated by the technology and eco-system Apple provides for developers and believe if we bring the power of these technologies to every iOS developers we know then we all can contribute in building smarter and better apps. We started iOS Conf SG in 2015. Since then the community has grown to make the conference the largest iOS developer conference in South East Asia.


Subhransu Behera

Conference Lead

Melvin Tan

Venue and Sponsors

Kale Toh


Valentine Chua


Aizat Omar


Vina Melody

Ticketing and Mobile App

Stefanie Seah


Perwyl Liu

Fun and Swags

Swarup Hotha

Mobile App

Bunty Madan


Kheng Meng Yeo


Organizing Societies

iOS Conf SG is brought to you by iOS Dev Scout, under the auspices of CU Society. iOS Dev Scout is the iOS developer meetup group that organizes iOS meetups in Singapore every month. CU Society is a non-profit organization that supports various computer technology events and communities in Singapore.