Conference schedule

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January 17 - Conference, Day 1

Day 1
Registration + Breakfast 📝
Opening Address
Designing Your App to be Discoverable
  • Dave Verwer

Global Variable Oriented Programming
  • Paul Hudson

Break 🚻
Building Secure iOS Apps (you don’t have to learn it the hard way!)
  • Sven Schleier

Full Keyboard Control in UIKit Apps
  • Douglas Hill

Setting up iOS CI with Bitrise ⚡️
  • Anna Alexi

Group Photo 📸
Lunch Break 🍽
Swift Quiz by Paul Hudson
  • Paul Hudson

GraphQL for people who don’t need it ⚡️
  • Choon Keat Chew

Scripting in Swift For a Testable Build
  • Ellen Shapiro

Bring me to life; A tale of dyld, and how iOS launches your app
  • Omer Iqbal

Coffee ☕️
Sign in with Apple using SwiftUI
  • Scott Grosch

SwiftUI and SVG
  • Matt Delves

Closing Address 🎤

January 18 - Conference, Day 2

Day 2
Breakfast + Networking
Opening Address
@deprecated Monolith @available Modules
  • Luis Ascorbe Indie Developer

Building a considerate app
  • Jeff Watkins

Break 🚻
Community Engineering
  • Tamar Nachmany

Testing SwiftUI and Combine: The State of the Art
  • Vojta Stavik

Protecting in-app purchases from piracy through tweaks ⚡️
  • Damian Malarczyk

Group Photo 📸
Lunch Break 🍽
Singapore Trivia and Facts 🇸🇬
Declarative Networking with Combine ⚡️
  • Ritesh Gupta

Elevating your design with SwiftUI
  • Meng To

Explain me Metal like I'm 5
  • Andrey Volodin

Coffee ☕️
Property Wrappers or How Swift decided to become Java
  • Vincent Pradeilles

Full stack development with Swift and Vapor
  • Tim Condon

Closing Address 🎤
After party at Brewerkz, Riverside Point 🍻